Why be an Entertainer?


Working as an Entertainer is a fantastic, fun job, if you like to be busy, experience new cultures, meet people from all over Europe and try your hand at something different, this is the job for you!

It makes your creative side come out, and gives you responsibility and freedom, a chance to travel in a safe environment and earn some money at the same time!

You’ll experience so many new things, not just in work but also on your days off, you’ll discover new skills and talents, the sky is your limit! We hope that the underneath questions will help you to understand more about working as an entertainer, check out our staff page of videos to hear what other young people thought about being an Entertainer!

I don’t have any experience, how does it work?

Do I have to be able to sing and dance?

Do I have to speak a language?

How long does a season last?

Where will i stay?

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